Hot Ebony Babe Jackie Brown Got Pimped!

January 17th, 2007
Jackie Brown Before Jackie Brown After
Da Pimp is back for the attack and making the dreams of hot ebony teens come true! Our latest ho is Jackie Brown (no, not from the movie!) and even a blind man could see the potential with this one! Jackie told us she’d always dreamed of being in a rap video and as her luck would have it, we were just getting ready to do some auditions. I guess it was her lucky day! This ebony hotty has curves to hell and back, like we’ve never seen before. Jackie’s incredible big tits and impressive round black booty made her a natural in our eyes. Getting her back to the She Got Pimped studio was cake and she was all over the cock as soon as she saw that wad of Benjamins. As we suspected, Jackie was a total freak and was more than willing to fuck her way to stardom. Of course, we got all that shit on video for our fans and you can check out the entire movie in the She Got Pimped members area. There’s a link to some pics of this rap video star wannabe below. They’re on the house. All total, we got over 200 pics and 60 some video clips of Jackie Brown getting freaky with the hired help. This one is a must see guys so check it out!

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Mercedes and Her Big Black Booty Got Pimped!

August 1st, 2006
Mercedes Before Mercedes After
We were cruisin’ for our next ho when we saw Mercedes coming out of the local store. She looked like a fine piece of ass and a good candidate for a She Got Pimped episode. When we told Mercedes we were doing a makeover reality show and asked if he she wanted to audition, she was down for whatever. Back at the studio we pimped Mercedes out in some hot black and red lingerie. Holy shit, this girl’s big black booty just goes POW! What a great ass! Mercedes was more than willing to give up her booty for a spot on the show and she rocked our bro’s cock in this audition. Of course we caught it all on tape in 90 She Got Pimped video clips and over 100 pics. Download the full length video of sexy ebony babe Mercedes gettin’ pimped out from our member’s area or check out her free pics and video trailer linked below. We’ll be back next week with another hot ebony teen so stay tuned! I’m out!

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Petite Ebony Teen Tina Got Pimped!

July 17th, 2006
Tina Before Tina After
Have we ever got a hot petite ebony teen for you guys this week. Tina was just wandering the streets and when we first laid eyes on her, we knew she had huge potential. We told Tina we’d give her a free makeover if she would be on our show and kick it with us back at the studio. She thought we were cute so she was all for it. We changed her hair a bit and pimped her out in some dead sexy lingerie. This barely legal ebony teen cleaned up real nice! Tina was willing to do anything to impress us and get on the show. She got on her knees and wrapped her lips around that big black meat pole for a killer blowjob then she got on the bed and spread her legs. Tina looked hot as fuck as she got her petite ebony pussy pounded by that big black cock! Of course we caught all the action on film in 68 She Got Pimped video clips and over 100 high quality pics. Check out Tina’s sample gallery and video trailer below or join today and download her full length movie from our member’s section. Check back in a week for our next pimped ebeony teen! Later!

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